About Us

At Zoom, our mission is to make urban commuting easier by bringing sustainable urban transportation devices that are practical, affordable and stylish to market. Zoom is all about living life the way you choose and we strongly believe in personal freedom, fun and being environmentally responsible.


James Lai, Founder

Having lived in Holland, I was amazed at how efficient the bicycle system there was and how easy it was to get around the city with just a bicycle. I believe that sustainable and alternative transport is the way to commute in highly urbanised cities like Singapore. However, our climate does not make it very practical to always use a bicycle. Light electric personal vehicles are at the forefront of revolutionizing the last-mile solution. Why would you use 1 ton of metal (a car) just to transport a 70kg self for say a distance of 5km?

In my free time, I enjoy adventures, travelling and meeting new people.