Is it legal to use electric scooters?

Use of electric scooters is legal but limited to certain areas. Please check with your local traffic authorities on where it can be used. 

For Singapore, regulations are still under review and clearer guidelines will be out this year. It is recommended that users keep to 15km/h on footpaths and less than 25km/h on cycling paths. They should not be used on public roads. Wearing of helmet is also encouraged. Please read this article on latest guidelines for electric scooters.

What is the weight limit for a rider?

ZoomAir 2 has a safe maximum weight of up to 100 kilograms. Do note that the scooter’s performance such as range and speed will decrease for heavier riders.

Does ZoomAir 2 come with a warranty?

Yes, the ZoomAir 2 comes with a 1 year limited warranty on the electrical components which are the motor, battery, display unit and controller. We have a very experienced technical service team who do the in-house servicing. All replacement parts are on hand so any repairs shouldn’t take more than a week.

We understand that you are looking for a peace of mind when you are deciding to purchase an electric scooter.

Do you ship internationally? If so, how much is the shipping?

We ship to most countries from Singapore via TNT, please check below for the shipping rates (in Singapore Dollars) for 1 scooter. International shipping will take about 7-14 days upon confirmation. If your country is not listed below, please contact us at to enquire about shipping fees.

Zone 1 (Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong) – $180

Zone 2 (Brunei, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, NZ, Australia) – $280

Zone 3 (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, UK) – $300

Zone 4 (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland) – $350

Zone 4 (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine) – $350

Zone 5 (Canada, USA) – $350


What is the battery life?

ZoomAir’s battery can last up to 25km (with a longer 32km range option available too) on a single full charge. With the fast charger, a full charge takes less than 2 hours.

How do you operate the ZoomAir?

Our video below offers a much clearer visual explanation. Simply put, just press the power button and the scooter is powered up. You can start zooming away by pressing on the acceleration throttle with your right thumb.

Can you kick the ZoomAir manually like a normal kickscooter?

Definitely, in fact you’ll find it quite easy to kick the ZoomAir and there’s absolutely no rolling resistance from motor. Works as well as any normal kickscooter when you wish to get some exercise in!

Is ZoomAir easy to learn how to control?

It is extremely easy to learn to control ZoomAir, anyone can be good at it within 10-15 minutes of trying out. If you can ride a bicycle, learning how to ride the ZoomAir will be a walk in the park.

Can the ZoomAir climb slopes?

ZoomAir is able to handle gentle slopes up to 10-15 degrees. Max speed will be slowed down slightly for slopes.

How well does the ZoomAir work in rain?

The electrical parts in ZoomAir are specially sealed for waterproofing. As long as they are not tampered with, rainwater will not reach them.

As for riding under rain, ZoomAir works fine on textured surfaces like roads, pathways. However, do ride slow and be careful when it’s raining.

Do you offer installment payment plans?

Yes, some of our retailers offer interest-free installment plans (credit cards only) for our scooters. Below are the list of bank cards accepted:

Citibank/DBS – Falcon PEV @ 160 Paya Lebar Road, #04-02, S409022

Skateline @ 338 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 #01-1643, Singapore 560338
Skateline @ Pasir Ris Sports and Recreation Centre  #01-07, 120 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519640
Skateline @ 3 Coleman Street, #04-37A, Peninsula Shopping Centre, Singapore 179804
Skateline @ #01-26 West Coast Plaza, 154 West Coast Road, Singapore 127371

Inlinex @ 20 Upper Circular Rd #01-16 The Riverwalk Singapore 058416
Inlinex @ 1 Maju Ave #01-02 MyVillage Singapore 556679
Inlinex @ 4 Tampines Central 5 #04-08 Tampines Mall Singapore 529510