“I was rather impressed by the suspension system initially, being unobtrusive yet effective in soaking up the small bumps in pavement or tarmac.”

- Terence Ng, E27

“I use it going to and from work everyday which is 3.8km one way. It’s faster than taking mrt or bus and more fun going to and from work :)

It’s fun to use and I enjoy the curious stare of other people looking and figuring out how a very thin and compact scooter is actually an electric powered scooter. They would always ask me where is the battery and motors. I would recommend this to people who wants to escape the hassle of squeezing thru crowded mrt trains and buses and also avoid long walks to their destination.”

- Michael James Fabian

“Easy to get around. I don’t have to drive and go through the hassle of looking for a parking spot. It is lightweight and portable. I would recommend it to anyone!”

- Muhammad Hafiz

“I use scooter as my transport and it’s a lot more convenient as compared to taking public transport. (Save Time, shorter traveling time and the best part is don’t need to be afraid of the crowd.)

Already recommended a lot of friends to get. Can scoot to many places and also convenient to bring around (as it is small/light)”

- Alan Neo

“All-round, the ZoomAir 2 can fit just about everyone’s needs, and it’s the most affordable one here too. In terms of value and versatility, it’s undoubtedly the top choice.”

- Stuff.TV

“I use it everyday to go to the office. I used to take the bus but the waiting time for the bus is now my travel time using my zoom. I very much enjoy my zoom! I have already recommended zoom to a lot of my friends and am now riding with them!”

- Dan Go

“It get me to anywhere conveniently. It’s fun and I’m able to do sightseeing with it.”

- Shazwina Ong

“It helps me zip around with ease to the malls, to get my lunch and dinner. I can scoot to my remedial classes as well. Powerful and fun as well. My sister would also use it to zoom around the neighbourhood. Looking forward to get another so my sister can ride together to the parks. I’m gonna bring it along when I stay in Sentosa for a staycation next week.

Its great fun for the whole family, easy to handle and good battery life span. A must for adults and kids .”
- Kenneth Yong